Weathering the Storm

case study:

This case study isn’t about one particular project, but how we at Kelly approach all our projects proactively so that we can support our customers with creative solutions when they need us most. With the supply chain issues COVID-19 has left in its path, our ability to be different from the norm in this industry has proven to be especially valuable. By thinking ahead for our customers, we’re able to forecast their needs and help keep them prepared for whatever challenges hit.

What we did:

We perform advanced planning and material-usage forecasting for our customers to help gauge necessary material-stocking levels.


Supply doesn’t always meet demand, especially in this post-pandemic climate. Our relationship with vendors allows us to be aware of potential supply disruptions and communicate them to our customers so that we can coordinate stocking materials ahead of time.

What we did:

Since OEMs and other customers are limited in how much stock they can have on site, we store it specifically for them in our large warehouse and release it as needed. The breadth of the product lines we represent also enables us to provide creative alternatives when needed


Paint manufacturers don’t normally keep stock for anticipated releases, leaving customers out of luck when they’re out of stock. Our large warehouse and progressive policy of reserving materials for our customers helps to alleviate temporary supply disruptions. In addition, Kelly’s ability to provide recommendations in multiple product lines for any application gives customers quality alternatives to less-available products.

Which resulted in:

Customers having the materials they need to keep operations and projects moving! Kelly’s unique ability to consult and supply has been extremely beneficial in serving our OEM customers—because when their production is paused, it creates a domino effect down the supply chain. Like a generator during a storm, Kelly gets you what you need so your business can power on.

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