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Since 1992, Kelly Industrial Coatings has been creating innovative solutions that extend the life of our custom applications.

We may not be able to stop time, but we can slow it down a bit.

Protection that's always thinking forward

Achieving ultimate protection starts with a thorough evaluation of the challenges and goals for each project.

We know paint inside and out

As established distributors, suppliers and expert problem-solvers, we have the products and solutions you need to get the job done right.

A history of success

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A solution for all


“The color we needed didn’t exist, so Kelly developed it for us.”

To solve our client’s problem, we researched historical colors for locomotives and were able to reformulate the needed paint with our advanced solutions for longevity.

Manufacturing | Utilities

“By upgrading our coating system, we dramatically increased production.”

While working to improve the overall paint process, we provided coating systems that improved corrosion resistance, decreased paint shop labor, and increased productivity.

Quarry Screening Equipment

“For us, repainting our equipment in winter is the only option.”

Limestone quarry screening equipment sits idle only during the winter months, so we needed to create a coating solution that could be applied in such challenging conditions.

Captivated by challenges

At Kelly Industrial Coatings, we thrive on tackling the toughest of projects. Transforming coating challenges into rugged solutions is our passion. And we’ll never stop coming up with new and better ways to extend the life of our custom applications. It’s just what we do.

Put proven protection to work for you

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