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case study:

This tank stores hot asphalt that is used in road pavement. The previous coating applied to the exposed area below the insulation on the tank shell had failed due to improper application. Excessive coating thickness caused cracks that led to moisture intrusion and corrosion. Kelly recommended and oversaw expert contractors for the job, but the biggest challenge was specifying coatings that could be applied to the hot surfaces of the tank while it was still in service.

What we did:

We wrote a specification for the contractor that prescribed the correct preparation and application methods. A unique coating solution was specified allowing the tank to remain in service during application.


After thoroughly analyzing the lower portion of the tank shell, we identified a section that had become too thin due to corrosion. By properly replacing the damaged steel before the coating project, we further extended the life of the tank.

What we did:

Analyzed the coating needs of the storage tank shell based on the temperature required to sustain the asphalt. We also analyzed sealant needs for the unsealed chime angle between the tank bottom and supporting surface to prevent corrosion to the underside of the tank floor.


Proper analysis led us to choose Intertherm 2205, a new high-heat coating that allows application up to 400°F without the bubbling that typically occurs when coating hot surfaces with standard high-heat coatings. Enviroline 9400TR was the coating used as the chime angle sealant. It was specifically chosen for its ability to be applied to the warm surface and handle the movement that will occur at the chime angle.

Which resulted in:

Corrosion protection that functions 33% above the needed temperature and a sealed chime angle at the bottom of the tank shell to mitigate water intrusion under the tank—all done without affecting operations.

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