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A large industrial painting contractor reached out to us for help with the relining of alcohol fermentation tanks at a Midwest brewery. Built in the 1960s, the carbon steel tanks were originally glass lined. Areas of damage in the glass linings were leading to spot corrosion. Compounding the problem was that some of the tanks had been relined with an epoxy that was now delaminating.

What we did:

Utilized Carboline Plasite 9060 epoxy to reline the interior of the tanks. We also provided tastetest panels for liquids housed within the new lining system to ensure that the new lining did not add any unwanted flavors to the final product.


We chose this epoxy for various reasons. It was developed for steel vessels containing edible foodstuffs and consumable liquids. It’s also been tested per FDA 21 CFR 175 .300 for direct food contact, ensuring no contamination by unwanted flavors or solvents.

What we did:

Applied this coating via a specialized application procedure. We used an indirect fired heating system to provide the optimum ambient conditions inside the tanks during the lining installation process. The heating unit was utilized until the lining was fully cured. This heating system was monitored 24 hours a day to ensure proper operation.


The damp, cool conditions in which the tanks are housed necessitated this heated environment to maintain the required temperature during installation. This ensured proper crosslinking and eliminated the possibility of amine blush forming on the lining’s surface. The heating system was also used to force-cure the lining after installation to ensure the removal of all solvents.

Which resulted in:

Safe linings for the tanks that protected the beverages’ flavors. Five to six tanks will be relined each year in a long-term process that will save the client a great deal of money and prevent business disruption. With the tanks now improved and able to continue to provide great tasting drinks, it’s a result that everyone can toast to.

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