A Design That Protects, Invites, and Lasts

case study:

Our client works in the road-building industry and maintains a farm of asphalt tanks. The asphalt is delivered from a nearby harbor, and a sheet pile wall was installed to control erosion. Our team used specialized coating and painting solutions to protect the wall from the elements and make it more visually appealing with the company’s colors—all in line with environmental regulations for the adjacent body of water.

What we did:

Used a specialized cleaning technique to free debris from the 4-foot-high and 200-foot-long wall. Environmentally accepted pressure-washing techniques were utilized to prepare the land-side and top of the wall.


This cleaning technique was employed since the traditional solution of media blasting would be a pollution risk in the maritime environment. The cleaning technique also allowed us to remove loose rust, dirt, and debris, effectively prepping the surface for coating and painting while enhancing the impact of both.

What we did:

Started out with a coating of International Pre-Prime 167, followed by a second coat of Axalta Corlar 2.1 ST. Lastly, a topcoat of Axalta Imron 3.5 HG+ polyurethane was added in a two-tone scheme, matching the company’s corporate colors. Imron polyurethane topcoats provide industry-leading color and gloss retention, as well as abrasion and chemical resistance.


We applied a unique epoxy sealer first to penetrate into tightly adhering rust and to aid adhesion, then a coat of epoxy mastic to add additional corrosion protection and thickness. We went with the two-color scheme, matching the facility’s corporate colors to create an aesthetically pleasing sight for those on the walking path near the wall.

Which resulted in:

A barrier with a long-lasting, secure surface that does more than protect their facility—it makes an inviting statement to those passing by and prioritizes the unique needs of the local environment.

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