Preserving Precious Business Resources

case study:

After being approached by the company for process and material recommendations, we were soon asked to take on the full task of repairs due to our specialized experience. By refurbishing these five corroded tanks that hold water and bentonite clay used during the directional boring process, we were able to extend their years of service and save the client money on costly replacements. Project time frame was approximately two weeks for all five tanks.

What we did:

Provided consulting, specification writing, and supply of coating material for the tanks’ internal linings, and recommended one of our highly experienced mobile, industrial, and painting contractors to perform the work onsite for the client.


By bringing our contractor onsite, we further saved our client money by helping them avoid the cost of shipping the tanks. Our specialists helped the client find the appropriate solution for the unique requirements of their equipment and jobsite.

What we did:

The owner welded replacement steel into place in some heavily damaged areas. After media blasting the tanks’ internals to create the appropriate profile and steel cleanliness, a compatible epoxy pit filler was applied to pits and voids to create an even, continuous surface for the new linings. The coating contractor then applied the International/Devoe Bar-Rust 236 lining system.


This specific lining was chosen for its high rate of success in intense environments such as wastewater and petrochemical applications. Our process not only restores the structural integrity of the tanks but safeguards them from the harsh demands of the worksite.

Which resulted in:

Deferring the purchase of new tanks for at least five years—saving the client nearly triple the cost of repairs and ensuring that the water and other material needed for the worksite is safe and available.

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