Kelly Coated locomotive engine Kelly Coated locomotive engine

Bringing back the past

case study:

Heritage locomotives are a special unit of the railroad industry. They honor and celebrate history, each designed and painted to replicate and commemorate a specific railroad. Getting the right color schemes is everything. That’s why our customer came to Kelly.

What we did:

Developed the custom colors for each heritage unit, submitted to customer for approval, and adjusted colors as needed.


Matching the correct colors for these historical designs is a complicated process that takes research, teamwork and expertise.

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What we did:

Directed customer on the coating system and application to be used, and provided specialty spray cans for touchups.


Defining each of the colors and the timeframe of the application ensured that these heritage designs were properly applied.

Which resulted in:

train result train result train result

The correct paint colors delivered on time for the project timeline—and the successful unveiling of these heritage locomotives.

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