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Solving for inefficiencies

case study:
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Originally hired to upgrade the paint for this OEM client, we ended up overhauling their coating system for better performance and productivity. What they needed was a system that provided faster curing with more process efficiency and was relatable to the durability requirements of the ISO 12944 global coating standard.

What we did:

Provided sub-contractor suppliers with the proper training on the application of a new primer, which was part of our improved coating system.


This priming solution increased efficiency because metal components shipped to the OEM could withstand welding without damage, allowing for less preparation before painting.

The faster-drying coating system meant less booth heating and related overhead was needed for the curing of the paint, resulting in shorter painting times and increased production.

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systems control what we did systems control what we did systems control what we did

What we did:

Assisted in moving the OEM to plural component spray equipment system to provide consistent, accurate computerized paint mixing and reduced mixed-product waste.


The new paint systems adhere to the international ISO 12944 standard on corrosion protection. This gives the OEM sales force a huge advantage in conveying the durability expectations of the paint systems they provide on their products to their customers.

Which resulted in:

systems control result systems control result systems control result

Better paint quality, an improved process, increased production, cost-efficiency, and more business with the ability to handle highly corrosive environments.

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