Coating through the cold

case study: Manufacturing | Asphalt

After 20 years of outdoor exposure, the limestone quarry screening equipment and conveyors needed a new coating solution to extend their service for another 20 years. The original OEM paint had degraded and there was moderate corrosion of the base metal. Since winter is the only downtime for this equipment, the work had to be done in the quarry in cold and damp conditions.

What we did:

Drafted a coating specification utilizing a moisture-cured urethane primer/topcoat that could be applied in cold, damp weather.


This coating system is immune to many coating issues that can occur when painting in these conditions using typical epoxy/polyurethane systems.

What we did:

Provided project supervision of the selected contractor.


To help ensure project success! Though we always offer this service, this project and conditions were particularly complicated.

Which resulted in:

Same great durability as a typical epoxy/polyurethane coating system—with much faster dry times at lower temperatures!

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